Yeast Infection Discharge

Yeast Infection Discharge

Yeast infection discharge are caused by a fungus known as Candida, and infection is termed as Yeast Vaginitis, yeast is commonly found in women but only those with indications of itching, burning, soreness, pain during intercourse and/or urination, and vaginal discharge should be treated

Yeast infections are normally treated with anti-fungal medications applied in the affected area or taken by mouth.

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Yeast infection Discharge can be prevented by practicing good hygiene habits meaning that wiping after urination and should not use cosmetic cream in the vaginal area as it might irritate delicate vaginal tissues causing burning and itching

To prevent getting yeast infection avoid douching, scented hygiene products like bubble bath, sprays, pads and tampons,. Should change tampons and pads frequently during your period. Avoid wearing tight underwear, use cotton and avoid garments made of synthetic fiber.  Change wet clothes as soon as possible after swimming and exercising.

Natural remedies have been followed for many years in traditional medicine for healthy functioning of female reproductive organs.

Yeast Infection Discharge: Vagi-Soothe

Vagi-Soothe is safe, non-additive, FDA registered product which relieves vaginal itching, burning and reducing vaginal discharge and odor without harmful side effects, this product is completely made with homeopathic ingredients, this medicine must be taken internally. This is safe for pregnant women and women who may be breast feeding and can be taken for all ages.

==>Try Yeast Infection Discharge – Vagi-Soothe<==

Caution: If symptoms persist or worsen, a health care professional should be consulted. If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children.

Yeast Infection Discharge: Testimonials

Look at the testimonials from real people regading the Yeast infection discharge product Vagi – Soothe.

Vagi–Soothe has been the only thing to bring me relief! I was suffering with awful itching, bad odor and discharge in that ‘area we never mention’… Even my husband was avoiding me! Thank you again for a great product – that’s not even messy to use…”

– Heather, TX, USA

“Finally! A product to stop the awful itching I’ve had. I would have this problem a couple of times a year. I was frantic to find something. The itching was making me avoid public places, the urge to scratch was horrible! Then I tried Vagi–Soothe and Candidate; it worked.”

– Hester, AL, USA

“…I went to my doctor because I had burning – I was worried I had caught something awful, but he said it was common. Now I have used Vagi–Soothe and no more trouble down there… ”

– Taryn L.

“I was experiencing a foul–smelling discharge, I had it checked out and my doctor said I could use natural remedies. I went online [and] I found Vagi–Soothe and tried it. Amazing. ”

– Nicky, AK, USA

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