Organic Wheat Grass

Organic wheat grass is a common wheat plant Triticum Aestivum, it’s a juvenile grass dried out and juiced, has lot of health benefits. Wheat grass contains high amount of chlorophyll and high in vitamins and minerals, also equipped healing and detoxifying agents. 

What are the benefits of Organic wheat grass?

Organic wheat grass is one of the best detoxifying agent removing acidy in our blood because wheat grass contains alkaline minerals, it also increases red blood cells in blood, also helps in constipation, diarrhea and ulcers. As a detoxifying agent it removes bad chemicals and other bad substances that are reasons for causing cancers, improving your blood.

A pilot study has shown that having wheat grass decreases blood and bone marrow building medications, by this chemotherapy can be decreased.

Organic wheat grass helps you in aging process by removing harmful toxin in the blood and keeping you fit by slowing down the Organic Wheat Grassprocess. It also helps in restoring fertility and maintains your youth. Its also helps you sleeping by improving oxygen in the air this can be done by having live wheat grass near your bed. It helps to remove the bad ions from the air enhancing oxygen in the air.

Organic wheat grass has another important property helping you to burn fat by helping you to lose your appetite. You don’t have to undergo costly surgeries to lose weight.

Itching can be cured by applying it to your body at the respective places.

Can be used for improving damaged hair by rubbing it on the scalp and helps you to soothe your sun burnt skin. Also helps in turning grey hair to natural color if consumed daily.

Organic Wheat Grass can be growing in small trays in indoors.